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  1. Hey thanks man, I really appreciate the time you give regardless of the outcome. The crash happens with these settings: 640x480, Direct3D, Borderless. The problem is that while it crashes it then recrashes(?) and even though it reports a crashdump, none can be found (unless I am looking in the wrong place which is the root of RA). After I click OK it throws this: And finally, after clicking OK again, it throws this: The above translates into "The instruction at "0x005e65dc" referenced memory at 0d051445. The memory could not be read from. Click OK to terminate the application." This is the RA folder (refreshed) and I cannot find the crash dump in it: I have also attached ddraw.dll (zipped) and ddraw.ini. ddraw.ini ddraw.dll.zip
  2. Hi FunkyFr3sh, This is also a fresh winXP install (on a Vista laptop). That was a good observation, about the mouse, but there are no third programs running at all. The windowed mode helps a lot too. I also have the original C&C running on this PC with no problems with the mouse. The game can be run only on GDI mode, Direct3D crashes with a dump (even though I have installed the latest Direct3D for XP). So I guess there are no other ideas? Thank you by the way.
  3. Hi, I have installed Red Alert with the Red Alert 1 Installer (full + cd2 + The Lost Files videos by Nyerguds + Counterstrike & Aftermath music + Counterstrike ant videos + PS1 music) on a windows XP PC for my sons to play. The thing is that whenever they right click, anywhere, the game freezes with no error. To get out of the freeze I have to kill the game from the Task Manager, which is difficult because the window stays open in the screen (hiding the Task Manager) and occasionally the window flickers. I have tried various configurations with the advanced settings tool but to no avail. Thanks in advance, and my congratulations and thanks to the people working on this.
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