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  1. Ok so we played again, still with Firestorm on, but we played a Giants 3v3 map instead. We played basically the same way, filling up the map with Titans and Reapers, and the reconnection error did not occur. So I assume the error has something to do with the map Tiberium Forest...
  2. I assume I have all of the updates installed since it checks for updates every time I connect to CnCNet. What is the "vet patch version of the map" and where can I find it? Did you mean that most people turn Firestorm off? Firestorm units are the best (except the limpet drone, lol).
  3. Ok, so we´re playing on the map Tiberium Forest cuz it has a lot of blue tiberium trees (vinifera, right?) for money. I must have had like 40-50 light infantry in my base, 7 war factories, 4 refineries, 7 or 8 harvesters, and a team of like 40-45 titans to attack. I assume my brother had a similar amount of units and structures. He was building a lot of reapers. Also our game isn´t that long, like maybe 30 minutes at the most. I dunno. Does that sound like it would exceed the limit?
  4. Hi. I live in Buenos Aires. I like to play Tiberian Sun against my brother in Canada, but almost whenever I send a huge mass of units to attack his base there is a reconnection error, and the game ends. The error happens frequently, so we gave up playing. Any idea what´s causing it? (I don´t know what system information to provide, other than that we are both on Windows 10...)
  5. Thanx I figured that out.
  6. Hi. I´m new here so this might be obvious. I just downloaded Tib Sun, and the Firestorm Maps aren´t in the list even though Category is set to All maps. How do i get the firestorm maps like Tiberium Forest? Thanx for the help.
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