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  1. where is the map. ready map. Let's download and play. you know this defens game is my favorite friend :
  2. it was just a suggestion, I thought the same thing. I consulted you because maybe it is possible. thanks.
  3. hi BK Can you do it in the form of waves, coming from 4 sides. it becomes a more difficult mode. But is it possible? Do you slow down the game because there will be a lot of intense attacks? is there any traffic? of course, it will be very difficult to defend the last wave it would also be a more enjoyable defense if there were 2 possibilities for each player from the destroyer and terminator. what do you think is possible?
  4. I found the map, we played with mamun. it works very hard. It is progressing very very slowly. can you add quick version and quick install mode. you can also add a new map with 4-way (reciprocal) wave attack mode .Thanks
  5. Hello , You made "Sky's Spiral Tower Defense mode" I wanted. Thanks for your effort. how can we play the map
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