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  1. Oh wow. Thank you very much for the maps!
  2. 3 of us friends just discovered about CnCNet Yuri and we are having a blast. We only play against AI at the moment and we thank the devs of CnCNet for giving life to this wonderful game. We have few questions about AI in CnCNet- 1. We noticed that when we are playing alone in Skirmish (eg. 1v5), Brutal AI mod is too fast and difficult. Sends a lot of units at the first minute. But when we are playing together online, Brutal AI mod is slow and sometimes doing weird stuff. 2. With this in mind, we tried to search here on how to update AI difficulty to make it harder. We noticed our files have RULESMD.ini not RULES.ini. We didn't find any helpful tutorials here. And we are also confused about which to update - the actual map or the config files only. Please someone help us on this. I also tried to edit the Brutal AI mod but I feel that it didn't work - I found the settings here Thank you!
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