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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Omg that makes sense! Dang it! They should've titled it "Starting Units" then!! Man thanks so much for your help, my good sir!!!! Much appreciated! Have a great day!!
  2. In the Command and Conquer games, in the skirmish options there is always a "units" option and it goes from like 0-11 or 0-12. I was wondering what exactly that means because, surely it cannot mean the number of say Tanks or Infantry you can make?? Sorry if this question seems "newb" or whatever, I CANNOT find ANYTHING on the internet about it, it's maddening tbh. Certain specific topics cannot be found on the interwebs, thus I need this question answered by a human. Please help, thanks so much!
  3. I was reading through the file and yes it said "rate of fire" I'm so silly hah, but on another note, is it possible to cheat on the um, Campaign mode? I've noticed that changing build times and costs only affects the skirmish mode, I wanted to cheat and build faster and cheaper on the campaign for fun! Thanks for responding btw! Much appreciated.
  4. Hi, I'm new here, I played this game as a kid, just remembered it and got it for pc and I beat it now I wanted to have a little fun and mess around with the files, I'm clueless as to what "ROF" means in the rules.ini file though. I searched EVERYWHERE on the internet and not a single person or website mentions it, I'd be SUPER grateful to know what it means as it may be just the thing to modify that I'm looking for. Thanks, I'll check back randomly I'm not sure if anyone even uses this site or still plays this game hehe. Oh my bloody hell! I searched internet forever, just finished finding this site and clicking out of it and the rules.ini file and "Rate Of Fire" popped into my head lol tell me that isn't correct or I'll have to slap myself silly...
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