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  1. Thanks. I tried a few more and thought I found one that worked, but the game eventually started crashing intermittently. Have one or two more in the list I can try.
  2. Thanks! Good news is that made the game playable, bad news is when I tried closing it it crashed and kept going to black screen. Any time I tried to close it or open task manager, the black screen would take back over. Finally had to reboot. Any way to prevent that? Appreciate the help!
  3. Hi all, just joined up. I recently replaced my MacBook with a Dell laptop and purchased the CnC Ultimate Collection; I had been itching to play but as far as I knew couldn't with the MB. Once loading Yuri's Revenge through Origin, I couldn't get the game to run correctly until installing CnCNet, and now it runs great. Except that I can't change the resolution to anything other than 800x600. The skirmish loads up with a few blips in the loading screen, then when the skirmish starts I can't click or do anything. I have to go back to windows. Is there anything else I need to be trying? Thanks for any help.
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