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  1. Thanks again! I'll read over this stuff, see if I can't learn how to simpler mods (hopefully this is simple enough that even I can work it out!)
  2. So, I did some more digging...Didn't know the client's blue button that said -NO CHEATS- at the bottom-middle of the window would actually expand another window for me to see information about the maps and it turns out the ones I mentioned where it didn't matter if Firestorm Game was enabled or not have some kind of modification to them that allows them to have working Tiberium Vinifera spawners. Guess that's part of the Vet.Bal.2.49 patch. Sorry for bothering everyone! I guess I won't be able to make maps on my own that can have respawning blue tiberium until I learn how to mod that capability in myself. Don't know if that's possible for snow maps (favorite, really...But if it's not possible, so be it). Thank you to bk57, again!
  3. Thank you for the reply! So, I've been testing my maps out (very roughly) by launching skirmish games using the cncnet client, and I hadn't yet used the Firestorm Game option box. I enabled the option and launched a skirmish game with one of my maps, as you suggested and...It crashed! So, I took an existing map I know has nonfunctional blue tib tree sprites on the map (they show up, but they're darker-colored and neither spawn blue tiberium nor even have the Tiberium Vinifera tooltip) - in this case Hot Sprints (Vet.Bal.2.49), placed a blue tib tree right by the spawns so I would see it right away, saved it as a separate copy of the map, and launched a game with Firestorm Game enabled. It also crashed! My custom map and Hot Springs are both Snow Theater maps...And they both crash. Temperate maps, ones I make and ones that already exist where I made a separate copy with blue tib trees next to spawn (some Vet.Bal.2.49 and at least one that is not), all run if they're Firestorm-enabled games or not...But some, like Dueling Islands and Inferno, both Vet.Bal.2.49, will have functioning blue tib trees with a Tiberium Vinifera tooltip regardless of Firestorm Game being checked, while others (Pit or Plateau Vet.Bal.2.49 and Tiers of Sorrow) will only have visible, functioning (tooltip and blue tib spawning off of it) blue tib trees with Firestorm enabled. To be clear on Dueling Islands and Inferno, and really all of the maps I tested, I placed extra blue tib trees in addition to the ones that already existed in the maps...These two maps are the exception somehow but I don't know why? I'm pretty confused now, heh. I honestly don't know what the differences between these maps that allows for working blue tib trees on some temperate maps and not on others, why the snow maps crash but only if I place down blue tib trees and run a Firestorm game(well, that one might be an incompatibility thing? I haven't played much Firestorm, I don't know if there are snow maps with working blue tib trees on them), or why my own maps made and saved by me follow the trend of functioning blue tib trees in firestorm games and non-present trees in non-Firestorm games. If any more advice or help can be offered, by bk57 or anyone really, I would appreciate it! Otherwise, I'm not really sure what to do to make my maps work the way I want (I want to be able to play them with respawning blue tib without Firestorm needing to be enabled, basically).
  4. I've been trying out a bit of map editing and creation, and I had a question regarding Blue Tiberium spawning trees...Specifically, when I create an entirely new map in FInalSun and place down the labelled object "Blue Tiberium Tree (BIGBLUE3)" on the map...The object doesn't appear, or it will but will never spawn blue tiberium? Is there something I'm missing out on here? I tried to make a copy of an existing map (Hot Springs) and noticed that there aren't any of the blue tiberium tree sprites in the map editor, but in-game some fields of blue tiberium have a crystal in them that doesn't spawn more tiberium...And when I place the blue tiberium tree sprite anywhere else on the map, it doesn't show up? Very confused, any help with getting consistent results with blue tiberium spawners would be appreciated!
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