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  1. Hi all! Is there a way to set all of the 7 bots as one team against me in Skirmish or a way to force paranoid mode from the beginning without needing one of the AI teams to die? I am trying to relive the glory days of Red Alert but origin version of this game did not seem to run. Lucky I came across the 3.03p-Iran patch and it help me adjust the resolution, restored the music and overall just ran so much better than in the past but I have one small issue. I used to play “Island War Extreme” and have 7 AIs all turned on. In the original version, all 7 AIs used to all be in one team by default but with the patch it seems to put them all on different teams from the start. From what I understand in “rules.ini”, the AIs will only go into paranoid mode and team up when one of them perishes but one of the most fun I have with the game is to min-max my strategy to defend and counter attack against 7 teams from the start. Is there a way to set the AI teams to the default? Thank you so much for all the ongoing effort towards the patch!
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