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  1. I recently bought a mint condition copy of RA2 and cannot play it on my Windows 10 64bit PC. I've tried to install it, but nothing happens once I pop the Allies CD in. I've tried to install the CNCnet fix but once I've selected the right folder to install it to, I get: "Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge not found in C:\Users\Charan\Documents\Red Alert 2 Please select the right folder... Note: You need to have the right game installed, Red Alert 2 is not freeware and therefore not included in this installer!" When I've tried to run the game off the CD directory and it actually does launch, when I select "play new campaign" and I select to play as Allies, I get a message saying "unable to read scenario!" I'm pretty much resigned to accepting that this game just won't work on Windows 10.
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