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  1. Ok thank you, I can't remember as it's been awhile. Do I need to send him the INI file as well, or if I host the game will it load the settings for him? edit: It looks like if I edit a map with the new rules then they will be loaded along with the map for him as long as we play on the map that is modified. Thank you again for all the help.
  2. My friend and I have picked up Yuri's Revenge again, it's been a few years. We usually play a few games and at the end of the night we like to play a game with unlimited money/instant building etc.. just to see how large of an army we can amass. ~3-4 years ago when we were using CnCNet to play against each other I just modded the INI files appropriately and sent him the file and we would both launch the game and be good to go. I'm pretty sure that's how we used to do it anyways, it's been awhile. I'm curious if we can still do this, as I see CnCNet now has anti-cheat features. We never play online with others, we always create our game lobby with a password so no one can join. If we load a modded INI file now will we be banned?
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