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  1. RaVaGe Thank you for the help. I can still join a game and just guess where the ready up button is. I can't get it to go away though. Just have to wait for another update. Thank you for an actual comment trying to help though.
  2. Yea if you'd look at the picture I posted for just one second you might have noticed the trouble before just assuming I'm a total moron and posting something rude but thanks for the help.
  3. Can anyone help? Me and my father enjoying playing this game together because we played it together while I was growing up. We were so excited when we found cncnet and now they won't stop updating it. It worked fine 3 years ago when we started playing it and slowly but surely they are ruining it. Every time there is an update I never notice a difference in game play just it becomes harder to start the game and create a game for my father to join. Latest nonsense is this. I can't even click the buttons because there is an error message that displays over where the buttons belong. Anyone have any tips? any admins on here, please put the game back to the way it was when it worked a leave it alone. Thanks in advance
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