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  1. Sort of resolved by using a b/tooth soundbar, when the soundbar is used, sound plays a-ok.. when sound is played via the hdmi to the tv sound/speakers everything bar Ra2 sound plays but I can live with it while i track down the specific fault and fix if possible..
  2. Im having some problems installing and running RA2 on a win10 puter. I first installed via a lan cd drive the First Decade and ran into no-cd issues to start with, after a bit too much hassle i spent a couple of dollars on an Origin Ultimate edition key and installed via Origin. I then applied the patches and tools recomended for the c&c ultimate collection for the games i have installed ( all bar renegade and c&c4) as found here https://cncnz.com/features/technical-support-help-guides/fully-updating-the-ultimate-collection/ and in both cases NO sound in Ra2 or Yuri's Revenge.. Other games play ok.. Its not a very powerfull pc and its audio out is via the hdmi cable into the tv and out again into speakers.. the only other audio out option is a headphone jack. *EDIT the correct hdmi out - tv device is detected as the default sound out device and its set for a stereo output.. following the speakers(stereo)/advanced/properties/advanced path from the speaker icon in the taskbar I have output frequency options?? i heve set it to the lowest possible 16bit 32khz option.. - straw clutching as its the output level.. No other sound problems have presented themselves, and a win10 troubleshoot of the sound reveals No Problems and the event log appears clean of relevant errors or warnings after a casual glance over.. In addition to a whole raft of VC++ redistributables datuing back to 2006 onward in order i have patched with the following tools/updates.. and i installed directX 9.0 as per the instructions found here https://cncnz.com/features/technical-support-help-guides/installing-directx-90c/ https://www.moddb.com/games/cc-generals/downloads/new-fixed-ultimate-collection-launchers-v101 https://funkyfr3sh.cnc-comm.com/ https://cncnz.com/hosted-projects/command-patch/command-conquer-gold-unofficial-patch/ https://files.cncnz.com/GenTool_v8.0.exe https://www.gentool.net/download/tools/GenPatcher_v1.1.zip (not got round to the ra3 fixes yet.. am kinda stalled here..) AS well as setting each exe to run in an xpsp2 compatibility mode as well as granting admin execution rights I also have installed the CnCLauncher and updated it. I get sound in the CnCLauncher menu/Lobby? and in the skirmish selection 'page' but as soon as a game launches - no sound at all..??? same for campaigns, -no sound at all, Also when looking at the ingame options menu the sound menu option is greyed out and unresponsive, in the original ra2 (could be yuris revenge?) one of em .. the sound options appear at the screen botom but are again greyed out and unselectable. the outputn from a dxdiag is : full file attached.. Please be kind if i have overlooked something stoopid, i am struggling with cateracts which have rendered my prescription spectacles useless, so I read the screen with a squint and at a way too close distance.. and why im looking to install a game with vga graphics to play on a 42" tv.. many thanks in advance for any pointers and assistance.. DxDiag.txt
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