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    Hi, Must say i was really impressed to find red alert after all these years and download and find i can play it hassle free. But i do have 2 questions and sorry if this has been asked a million times but i seemed to have no look searching. the forum for the answer. Last time i played was on ps1 and we used to use a link up cable between the 2 playstations. Q1. How do i tell vehicles/troops to guard / follow a harvester? (on playstation i would select a group of vehicles and bring up an icon and click on the harvester and they would all follow it and defend it , plus i would hear any shooting etc and know to find out what was going on. Q2. How do i assign a team Ie on ps1 i would have all my tanks as team triangle, all my troops as team circle, etc. To confirm im playing on laptop so keyboard and mouse. thanks in advance for any response.
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