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  1. https://youtu.be/pBSuMaJXz10 DJ Spaceman Commander somehow bypasses his psychological testing to take charge of the forces of the Brotherhood while doing a course in radio DJ personality skills. While commanding his troops, he encourages the audience, to whom he refers to as "party people," to say "woo woo" and raise their arms all while sending hundreds of soldiers to their deaths. Despite DJ Spaceman Commander's obvious loss of touch with reality, he demonstrates superb strategic capability while making motorboating sounds and encouraging "party people" to join in on his bizzare delusions. DJ Spaceman Commander has been barred from playing at most public venues and bars at this time. The Brotherhood of Nod's high command is currently trying to figure out how he got a command position in the Brotherhood. Kane himself made a statement in regards to the need for better background checks for the Brotherhood of Nod's Armed Forces.
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