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  1. okay so after a month it still needs admin approval??? wtf???
  2. Okay, so i downloaded cncnet and patched it up. When i start Ra2, it runs in my desired resolution 1920x1080, in all, main menu, videos, and game itself... although main menu just runs in 920x680 with the rest of 1920x1080 filled up with black, same for videos. Im good with that since it doesnt mess with anything, it launches and nothing is messing with where my other windows are located on my main or second screen. Now when i launch Yuris revenge, all my open windows go apesht cause the client runs on its lowest resolution and same goes for the videos. When i get to the game it runs in 1920x1080 and i can alt tab and "re-correct" how my other windows are placed on my second monitor and move others away that pop up there during the "resizing" of my main monitor. However, as soon as a new video plays, it again resizes to the lowest rez and again, everything is whacked... Is there any way to run YR the same way as Ra2, so it would run on my main monitor in 1920x1080 res all the time, so it wouldn't resize whenever and throw all my open windows all around? I have the game from origin, with cncnet installed and patched to 7.7 i think it was. Win 10 nvidia 2070. thank you in advance
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