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  1. IM very interested in how you guys have created irc gaming for all the games. What all does this intel ? Im interested in running a project on another game.. Is there any tutorials around that can help someone get started ? Thanks
  2. If you are into unlimited recourse's and like to be blocked in where you only have to block one entry at the start than this map is for you. I made it a few years back and its one of my personal favs and extremely fun to play and can be rather challenging to win on if your opponents are good players TheTakeOver.MPR
  3. This map actually takes skills, since there is not an unlimited amount of resources for you to spam. This map makes and breaks the pro players. I have 20 maps that i have made of the last 5 years, some already in the forum.. Ill post more ENJOY SLICK GOld1.mpr
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