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  1. I meant if you opened the map as a text file and go to the houses section you can set rules for the map. Here's the entry for the British house: [British] IQ=0 Edge=North Color=Gold Allies=British Country=British Credits=0 NodeCount=0 TechLevel=1 PercentBuilt=0 PlayerControl=no I was thinking it worked similar to RA1 where you would be able to set alliances manually in the map rules. You would just add <player @ A> in the allies section for the house you want it to be friendly with and you would do the same for the other team so both teams are allied with each other. except in ra1 it would be called multi1 instead of <player @ A>. For some reason though, RA2 doesn't have the multiplayer houses listed in the map rules. So I don't think it is possible to do what I want to do. I'm probably going to just abandon the map as I cannot do a few things I wanted to do. I appreciate the help though guys!
  2. Yeah I can't seem to find any solution to this yet. I even checked the rules to just write in the player alliances under the houses section, but I don't see <player @ A> in the rules for houses... or any multi player houses. Yeah that's exactly how I was thinking I could set it up. When all required locals are met, trigger the action. Thanks for the write up! My original question was just asking if there was an option for semi-constant like in the RA1 editor because it was easier. All I would've had to do was make 1 event and set it as semi-constant and attach it to all the powerplants instead of making 4 different events and linking 3 of them separately to each powerplant. It was easier to set up, but you don't have as many options as doing it this way. And as for the constant I would set that on the 4th trigger to have reinforcements come every X amount of minutes. Basically, the idea for the map is kinda like a MOBA where teams 1-4 are teamed up with neutral and teams 5-8 are teamed up with special. and there are waves of neutral and special that come every couple of minutes and you need to complete objectives (destroy units and or buildings and infiltrate buildings) to upgrade the waves for your team. So that is why I'm just trying to figure out all these mechanics and see if it's possible before I jump into something ambitious as this. I figured if I can do it for RA1 I can do it for RA2
  3. Yeah that's exactly how I would've went about it. Attach a variable to each powerplant and when all variables are met, then fire the action. I however, didn't think of using "tech type does not exist" or "building does not exist". I can think of many uses for those events. Thanks for the info! I'm still having trouble figuring out how to ally with the neutral and special houses. That is the biggest thing holding my map back. I'm able to make them friendly to me, but I am still hostile to them. Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Thanks for the replies you guys are awesome! 1. Tested and works 2. Tested Neutral and Special houses and they do show up on the map and I can confirm that the ally trigger works with them as well, however you can only have them ally you. When I setup the ally trigger they did stop attacking me so it definitely works, but I was able to still attack them. I don't see the option for <player @ a> house in the trigger options tab, only the actions tab. So Idk if it's possible for the players to ally with those houses. I haven't checked out the rules yet to see if I can set them for ally manually. I also noticed the Special and Neutral houses wont attack each other, even though they are not ally with each other. Is there any way I can change that? also is it possible to change their colors? They both share the same color. I tried to change it in the house options, but they both remained grey. It's not that big of a deal because you will still be able to see the different teams just by the units, but its the little things 3. Sorry I should've been more clear. In RA1 when you set up a trigger you have 3 options for the event type: Temporary, Semi-constant, and Constant. If you were to set up a trigger for example... "Event = Destroyed by any house" "Action = send reinforcements" and you attached the trigger (tag) to 3 powerplants or whatever object(s). The three options would be... Temporary = Would trigger the action only once if any power plant gets destroyed (1 time total) Semi-Constant= Would trigger the action if all three powerplants get destroyed (1 time total) Constant= Would trigger the action each time a power plant gets destroyed (3 times total) I was just wondering if there was anything similar, because it made things (IMO) easier to set up for multiple objects. I can definitely figure out other ways to do it though so no big deal. 4. Perfect! Thanks again!
  5. I'm new to map making for RA2 but I do have some experience with map making for RA1, so I know and understand the triggers, actions, events, scrips, houses, waypoints ect. I am planning on making a multiplayer map with some basic triggers and scripts in it and I would like to know a few things about final alert 2 before I become more invested in it. 1. Does spied upon and entered by... work in multiplayer? I tried to set both of them up to chrono in reinforcements, but was unable to get it working. I was however able to get reinforcements by setting the event to destroyed by any house. Am I doing something wrong with the other two events or do they not work in multiplayer? 2. I would like to send waves of tanks and infantry by an AI house via reinforcements and waypoint scripts also have buildings that they own as well, but I want the map to be a 4v4 (human players). So I need to use a house that isn't used by any of the 8 players, but when I set the building to a random house say French for example, the buildings don't show up on the map. I even tried to use a trigger to convert the civilian buildings to the French house, but it still doesn't work. I haven't even tried to set up the reinforcements yet, because I can't even see the buildings they own I'm going to guess they wont show up though. Can I add those houses in a multiplayer map? also, how would I go about making alliances with those houses. I don't see <player @ A> as an alliance option. I'm guessing I have to do it in the rules. 3. The RA1 map editor had an option for Semi-constant for the event type. I don't see it in final alert. Is there any way to get the same effect as semi-constant? for example a semi constant trigger would fire when all of the tagged objects meet the event requirements. In final alert I only see Standard and Repeating. I'm assuming those work like Temporary and Constant trigger types similar to RA1. Is there anything similar to Semi-constant? Or I guess I could set things up differently using globals. 4. Limits? What are the limits for triggers, teams and taskforces? In RA1 we are limited to 80 triggers and 60 teamtypes per map. I can't find any maximums in the rules for RA2. I ask these questions because in RA1 I can do every one of them and I'm hoping I'll be able to make a similar map for RA2. Any help would be awesome!
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