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  1. I´ve figured it out. Yes,it´s the file extension.You´ve got to name it xxxx.ini for singleplayer or yyyyy.mpr for multiplayer. In addition, call it scg01ea.ini for example and it will replace the first GDI mission. Now "production beginns" and "create team" work.Although there´s still a lot to learn, like how to implement your own briefings, maybe your own videos (if possible) and other stuff, I´m pretty happy with what I can do so far. I´m sure I will be back to ask questions about the IQ-level, autocreate , autobuild or some other stuff but until then it´s time for experiments. Thank you so much Concolor1 for helping me out:)
  2. It´s Red Alert 1. That´s most likely why there is no such thing as success or Taskforce (or I just can´t find it). Is it still possible to create a team in RA1? According to an old tutorial,it is, although I´ve seen a lot of people having the same problem.I guess it´s because it´s still a multiplayer-game,as you say. But how do I tell the editor it´s supposed to be a single-player game?Maybe by not adding any other AI and changing the player= option from multi1 to...let´s say USSR? Or maybe I should use the RA95-spawn launcher instead of the RA1MP launcher? I mean,it has multiplayer in it´s name, so...And what does the priority-level do? It´preset to 7,is that a problem? The things I can´t get to work are: create team (and autocreate), production beginns, autobuild and I just can´t load any AI-troops on transports.Most of these things probably don´t do anything because it´s a multiplayer-game while it should be a single-player one,and so far I don´t know how to create a mission that is explicitly just that. Anyway, thank you once again for your time and effort. I hope you can give me some advice on how to solve this. Sometimes it´s just that one little clue that makes it all work. P.S.: I made my first experience with modding just yesterday, and I have to say it´s just awesome to see a single overpowered Mammoth-Tank on steroids single-handedly annihilating an entire enemy army in seconds with a TeslazZap from God while every 10 seconds there´s a nuke ready:) I set it back to normal since c&cnet might consider this as cheating and that´s not my intention. Edit What if I use Good Guy or Bad Guy as scripted AI?
  3. Thank you for your quick answer. I guess I should clarify some things: I´m using c&c.net, skirmish mode and the RA editor to create my mission. The idea is, theres an island in the north, where the player beginns and a script-contolled enemy. In the south, another island with 3 computer-controlled-enemies. Does this make it a multiplayer-map? If so (and that´s the reason why "create team" doesn´t work), I´m more than willing to script it all and get rid of any AI. But how do I specify it as a single-player map? Is it the wrong approach from the get-go? Or the wrong editor? What I did so far: I put 2 Mammoth tanks on the map, owner USSR and set them in guard-mode. In the base-section I chose multi1 as the player (which sounds wrong,now that I think about it). Next, I went to the team-types section,named the team "mamm", set the waypoint to -1, put 2 mammoth tanks on the team-list,checked the prebuilt-team box (there are no other units on the map anyway) and gave the instruction "0 - move to waypoint #9". In the trigger-section I named the trigger "mamm" as well,owner USSR, selected as event "elapsed time ... 2" and as action "create team...mamm". Doesn´t work. Tried it with civilians,doesn´t work either. I guess there is something inherently wrong with my take,but from reading in other (older) forums, I learned that some folks managed to do what I´m trying to do.Unfortunately without saying what they did to make it work. Again, thank you so much for your answer.Maybe you can point me in the right direction or editor,since I couldn´t find some of the things you mentioned,for example the action "success" or JP-player.
  4. I just recently started to create my own maps,so although I`ve figured out a lot,I just can`t get the "create team" trigger to work.Can someone please help out? For a start, it would be nice if I could move around two tanks, already on the map.
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