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  1. (im sorry for my english first of all, dont go blind reading this)okay so, i installed the cnc ts from the westwood comm center or the installer they had, but it keeps freezeng on the campaign loading or at least going too slow but never loads( its slow to boot up and play the cutscene where you select the vanilla game or the firestorm) Some things i tryed: -get a more old version of the game, used to work, menus didnt show up but i didnt know i could fix that and by the time i realised the old version didnt work for some reason -tryied patching it with the community patch (the TSpatch.exe), tryed patching it thru the westwood 2.03 patch, tryed copyng some files from the old version to the current and it runs but it crushes few minutes into the mission -tryed compatibility modes, disable dx or get an older version, disactivate antivirus and make an exclusion - attempted to mess with the register of the game bc i read that its maybe the game being slowed down by something while serching for some files, but i dont know how to -also my brother has a version of the game sense maybe 2017 and he kept the game like me bc we have good memories with it, tryed that didnt work im trying to run it in a win 10 pro, with an intel 3 gen 3 or 2, my pc is kinda old but this game used to run just fine, 3 weeks prior i played it without problems got to mission 5 on the gdi side and went to work. Next thing i know monday of last week the game broke. When i say i serched high and low im not exaggerating
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