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  1. So.... I literally don't know what the fuck happened to the game but I literally can't control most of my units. The moment I deploy my MCV at the start of the game (which I can move around just fine) the cursor animation stops (no flickering anymore) and I can't control any unit anymore apart from engineers and harvesters it seems. I can select them. I can scatter them. Mouse clicks won't register tho. I thought it's me because I reinstalled windows so I tried defaultiong the config, choose different renderes and shit but no success. Decided I try the game on another client but can't even start a game there. I mean, all I know is that you wanted to fix double hotkeys. Apparently you fucked the game up completely. I want to play EDIT: The Issue was on my side, just leaving this thread up if anyone might ever have the same problem. Apparently the "escort key" was stuck (not physically, maybe due to alt tabbing) which made only those units controllable, that can't fight. A simply restart fixed the issue for me.
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