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  1. While searching for something else (new thread) I randomly stumbled across exactly what I was looking for: extern void On_Message(const char* message, float timeout_seconds, long long message_id); First the function needs to be declared in whatever file you are going to use it. int text_id = TXT_NONE; char const * text = "1. Find a way to sabotage GDI's power.\n2. Gain access to the old Soviet helipads.\n3. Overwhelm GDI and re-capture our radar station."; if (text != NULL) { On_Message(text, 35.0f, text_id); } Above code will output exactly what's shown in the screenshot. The border will be green regardless of playing GDI or NOD. Best results are with text_id = TXT_NONE. As seen, \n produces a new line for multi-line messages. This message will stay 35 seconds.
  2. I'm trying to render a custom graphic. Let's say I have that pink box. How can I render it on top of the sidebar next to the credits (1), over the build icons (3) and maybe the game view (2). All I found was code in power.cpp, radar.cpp and sidebar.cpp that mostly doesn't seem to do anything. I can comment out a lot of it without seeing any change ingame. Any idea how to do that?
  3. I am looking for a way to let text appear during a mission like here (from GDI Mission 9):I went through the code and couldn't find anything related.I did find the sound that is played when that message appears. It's "TDR_SFC_BLEEP2.WAV" in the "SFX3D.MEG".It is found twice in "AUDIO.CPP" but not referenced anywhere to be played.Any input would be nice ^^
  4. So I try to change the template type of a cell ingame. This is on the Desert theme, going from an empty, passable cell to an impassable brush. Code: CellClass * cellptr = &Map[257]; struct { TemplateType TType; // Template type. unsigned char TIcon; // Template icon number. } temp; temp.TType = TEMPLATE_BRUSH1; temp.TIcon = 0; cellptr->TType = temp.TType; cellptr->TIcon = temp.TIcon; cellptr->Recalc_Attributes(); Map.Flag_Cell(257); After triggering this code the cell is no longer passable as it should be. In the classic graphics the cell gets correctly updated (both the passable status and the GRAPHIC itself), but in the remastered graphics it does NOT (not GRAPHIC update). What am I missing here?
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