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Red Alert 2 YR CoopInfo First Tutorial


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*Tutorial for Coop Editor:

Coop Editor want something that lock the multiplayer buttons (Maybe) so i made this

-Getting Started:

You need a basic map like "example.map"

+Open the map file with note and look like this (Note: I use WordPad)


+Then type "[ForcedOptions]" like this


-Add the rules:

Now, I want to lock the Short Game Button so let's do this

+Type "chkShortGame=true (or false)" under the "[ForcedOptions]"


+Open "CnCNetYRLauncher.exe" then goto "Skirmish (for testing)" then find the map you editedtutorial4.png.64c1c70d8e174fe99d9046f271a79e92.png

Here you go, the Short Game button is lock and enabled


-I will code more for this because it not finished yet.

Edited by NHG(N_HuyGamingVN)
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