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Need Help Concerning Firestorm Modding


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Hey guys, I am kind of new to modding Firestorm and I need help with a certain problem. I extracted some stuff from the expand01.mix to edit it the rules and also created some new TaskForces and stuff but did not change any important settings. Still, after creating an expand02.mix and adding it, Firestorm just ignores the file completely and won't accept any changes. That's why I already extracted ALL files from expand01.mix and substituted the altered files (A9688427 and F025A96C), created a whole mix and substituted the original one (ofc with a backup if something goes wrong) and then, Firestorm does not start at all.... So either way, it won't accept changes when creating an expand02.mix or it won't start with an expand01.mix in which just some basic stuff like tiberium growth rate or anything like that have been changed and TaskForces were added. So, I hope this is sufficient information for the beginning. Thanks for your help in advance!

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