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Desert Tower Defense (Episode 2)


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Hi! This topic seems already known to some players.. The reason why I am posting this is that my Desert Tower Defense map seems to be working out good and I even did multiple updates so it doesn't run out of steam so fast.

There was one guy who even tryed to beat it as single player and that was an inspiration for me to start think of something new. No I'm not here to announce that there is a new map instead of something new I made a bigger updated and call it as Desert Tower Defense season 2. Its an October 9, 2019 and today am taking my second map online. Hope to see all players who was with me in my journey so far and see ya in Defense boys!

Thanks to: Whut, Holland, Edy, Crazydude, Rock, Law,  Splash, Starbuck.. and I dont remenber more of the names ? Thank you all!

(playing as bk since 2019 and the second maps is called Desert Tower Defense | 8 | episode 2 | bk57)

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Map is good. We almost beat it today. If we had 0 lag it would be better for us to beat it. I"m going to try in skirmish today :-X



Update: No way in hell you can beat the last wave :-D... most cyborgs end with green health. 

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