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Thank you for the donations! US server maintenance TODAY


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Hi all!


Thank you all for your generous donations, we have enough money to run for a good while now (including C&C Comm!) so the acute money shortage is sorted now and we can guarantee a good service.


Though, our US server host notified me (a good while back) about a server maintenance they are going to do today and it will affect all players connecting to the US server. I'll quote the email I was sent:

We will begin shutting down all servers gracefully at 9:30PM CST, Thursday, December 1st. We will begin on the physical service maintenance at 10PM CST, Thusday, December 1st and expect the outage to only last a few minutes as our engineers work on the phsyical device. We are planning from 9:30 CST to 12AM CST for the maintenance window to allow for unexpected issues.


Sorry for the late info, I totally forgot it was 1st and not 4th.

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