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How to make RA2 playable with cncnet?


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Hello all,

Just purchased command and conquer game bundle from origin.  Pretty crappy that it does not work correctly from them but after some digging, most people said to install cncnet installer, even to correct just the campaign portion of the game.  The game is now playable, but there are some issues I'm hoping someone can help me fix.  

To start with, I have ultrawide monitor.  I'm used to some games not supporting ultrawide and happy playing 16 x 9.  The game does allow to play at native 3440 x 1440 resolution, but there is strange artifacting (looks like zigzag line down the screen).  Also, when mouse move towards the edges of the screen, there is flickering / flashing.  

If I change the resolution to 16x9, it stretches to 21:9 which I'd like to avoid.  Is it possible to just play with black bars on the side w/ 16 x 9 resolution?

Or, if I can fix the graphical glitches playing in 21:9 would be fine too... Also, I'd like to be able to play in windowed mode if possible.  

This is my first post, so not sure what info people might need, but I'm playing on win 10 x64.  Thanks in advance.

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