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spawn.xdp question

Dark Horse

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Dear CnCnet team,

My friend and I recently found CnCnet and are loving it!  We are so grateful that you have provided such an amazing service to the global cnc community.  We have played RA, RA2 YR, and now TS  on your servers.  I recently tried my hand at a minor mod for TS by modifying the rules.ini.  In doing some searching I realized that this would work for offline games, but for cncnet games I would need to copy the rules.ini file and rename it as spawn.xdp.  I did that and placed it in my SUN folder.  My friend did the same.  However, the games we play appear to be the default (not mod version).  Am I missing a step or am I placing the file in the wrong folder?  If you have any advice at all it would be enormously appreciated.




Edit: I believe I have figured it out.  It looks like the spawn.xdp info I mentioned above applies for RA, but not TS.  I found the cncnet TS folder and put in my modified rule.ini and it worked.  I have not tested it yet with my friend, but it worked for me when I played skirmish with an AI on the cncnet server.

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