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Broken CnCNet update was broken!


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Heya folks,


I pushed an update today trying to address that pesky "Couldn't replace wsock32.dll" error. When I packaged the update I mistakenly slipped in a broken cncnet.dll that was auto-updated to everyone. Naturally no one could not connect anymore.


Got it fixed pretty quickly after discovering. Sorry for the interruption. It will auto-update hopefully when you run cncnet.exe again. If it doesn't, redownload the client from our site.


Working towards CnCNet 4.0, new fancy things are coming this year!

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It been out. 


Thread in Mod Announcements first started on March 27, 2011 and updated today.



Or you can get it here and play around with it.


“Red Dawn 2012 Installer” Required For Play (75.76 MB)



“Red Dawn 2012 Movie Installer” Optional (165.84 MB) Win and Lose movies for all missions plus some briefing.



I updated it today since the host was lost with Megauploads. I already ask about this once http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=1769.0


I rebuilt it to be like the one you and cchyper did at redalert1.com. It is now full standalone. Applied the fixes listed in the “build.txt” to the redalert.ini also kept the registry fixes from Nyerguds for Vista and Win 7.


The .exe is and old 3.03 that only has a no-cd fix and I changed the names on the registries that enable Counter Strike and Aftermath so I did not uninstall the Counter Strike and Aftermath registries that are for my stock RA1 that uses CDs again… It doesn’t have the any other fixes listed in the “build.txt”.


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I will be using Counterstrike and Aftermath.  Red Dawn supports ALL Single Player campaigns, Counterstrike and Aftermath missions. Would it make thing easier for you to me to just to use the .exe from the expansions.zip?


I got the expansions.zip before megauploads was nuked. It has the LAN fix that is need for CnC Net. I can make patch for Red Dawn to add the need parts for CnC Net play. It would look like this.


cncnet.exe              From online version

mpgdll.dll  From online version

ra95.exe  From expansions addon.  Re-named to rd95.exe and change icons to C&C95 icons, No other changes unless need for CnC Net.

wsock32.dll  From online version

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