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REd alert expansions


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Hi there my first post,


I have the original disks for red alert from ten years ago but I can't install the expansions for some reason, the disk looks pretty scratched up is there anywhere that I can DL the expansion pack files(redalert1.com doesn't at the current time) for RA1 or if somebody could send them to me?

Thanks in advance  ! !


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If you used disk to install the basic game the expansion pack files from redalert1.com won't work anyway. You can get the Counterstrike and Aftermath disk in .iso fourm that you can burn as normal CDs. They will be the same as the ones you have that are scratched up once you burn them as CD.



Link has .iso for Full Allied Disk, Soviet Disk, Counterstrike Disk and Aftermath Disk.



If this won't work I can upload the expansion pack files that were at redalert1.com.


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