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Whiteboy's Rules V1.5 mod re-released for 2020


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Hi everyone, a bit of news to share.

I wonder if anyone remembers the mod: Whiteboy's Rules V1.5? It's an older mod but still a goodie, if I say so myself :P  I decided to re-release it so that it's now compatible with CnCNet for Online/LAN and future-proofed to make installation just a matter of copying files to the game folder instead of using launchers that rely on the registry etc. The mod also works with original Skirmish mode and Campaigns.

I am new here by the way but I'm a C&C community veteran. I've been on hiatus for 7-10 years though xD I love CnC Net and playing my mod online was always a dream!

(The mod's own website is in my signature, if you want a trip to what mid-2000's internet looked like!)

Thank you :) 

- Whiteboy.

Whiteboy's Rules 2020 Re-release   https://www.moddb.com/mods/whiteboys-rules-v15-2020

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