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Last Bastion Demo (Custom Campaign)


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I think the time my custom Campaign is now release in the Demo Version, it include 3 custom Soviet Missions.

The Campaign still W.I.P so it not finish yet.


-Last Bation is a custom Campaign for Mega Compilation. The Campaign have 3 side: Allied, Soviet (Rebel), and mostly Nod,... The story take place after the defeat of the Soviet in Moscow, the Soviet (Rebel) has begun to again the Allied once again. Meanwhile, Kane plans his plan to steal the most technology before control the world; make both Allied and Soviet (Rebel) starting confusing in the battle.

-Here the download:LB-Demo.rar

-Also it need Mega Compilation and the original RA1 to play.

-In the futures there will be more mission for all side and also some bonus mission.


List of the demo mission:

-(LB) Soviet Mission 1: New Rival

-(LB) Soviet Mission 2: The Flipped Ways

-(LB) Soviet Mission 3: Slient Hill


To play to drag into your RA1 folder (also Mega Compilation), also here is the link fixing of the first Mission: cmu800ea.ini

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