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2 News ("First") Skirmish Maps + 1 Bonus Map


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New Rival 1vs1vs1


This map is my first Custom Mission also the first Skirmish Map ever. This also get spawn points bug for no reason (Some player spawn randomly).

Monster Tanks Return 1vs1vs1vs1 (2vs2)


The second map plus with some rule editing. This map still get spawn points bug for no reason. While you attack your opponents, you will also face other units (Black Color) and especially Monster Tanks (These unit are appear in AM mission and they the strongest unit in the games); also you can capture some of the Black Building to access some AM units and a MT.

BONUS: Ore Wars 2vs2


This is my first-early map. All unit will get some addition buildings also with a big space to build, have fun with it XD.


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