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Rise of the East mod for RA2:YR


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Hi all!

New to the community but been around since 2004 when I started modding TS.

I'd like to share with you today the latest release of Rise of the East, v2.1 - a RA2 mod heavily influenced by Generals.

Rise of the East @ ModDB

Here's what you can expect:

EDIT: 30/07/20

Remastered Campaign & Save/Load Function

Yuri's Revenge campaign has been remastered and enabled. Featuring new graphics, weather, terrain, units and AI difficulty updates as well as some China and GLA easter eggs.

Cooperative multiplayer campaigns have also been enabled and can be played single player if you don't feel like playing with friends.... or strangers.

To top it off, 2.1 brings back the Save and Load function for both, single player campaign and skirmish!

Here's some visual goodies





And this is the permanent upgrade system in action


Hope you enjoy, cheers :)

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Hey all, coming at you with a new release - version 2.1

posted image <-- Download here!


It's jam packed with goodies which I hope you'll enjoy! Here's a quick list of what's new:

  • YR Remastered Campaign
  • Save and Load Games
  • Full Client Support/Revamp + File Updater
  • ReShade Support + Client Integration
  • Balance Overhaul + Release = Tournament
  • Custom Map Editor

Worthy mentions:

  • Lots of new maps + some exclusives
  • Exclusive artwork made just for Rise of the East!
  • New Units and Support Powers
  • Permanent Upgrades
  • Weather Effects

I won't make this too long but here's a few screenshots of the ModDB article showing the new client and updated visuals:

I've also updated the original post with some other graphic goodies from the article.





What's Next for RotE?

Over the next few patches I will focus on more graphic improvements, bug fixes and balance changes. Most will be just improvements on existing graphics such as new flags, fixed building colours/corrections and other improvements, etc:

Here we have the new Scarab Cell, Psicorps and China flags



The next major update will see GLA enabled for multiplayer with 2 subfactions; Scarab Cell and Scorpion Cell. We'll also have our first single player GLA Challenge map where players will face Dr. Thrax.

It will also feature all new East Asian buildings designed in 3D and from scratch, taking the mod to the next level, GLA will later receive the same treatment meaning we will move away from converted C&C Generals assets and into exclusive RotE assets.

Sneak Peek of new Asian Structures



To recap, here's a glimpse of what's to come in the future:

  • Brand new, exclusive visuals and artwork
  • Complete GLA implementation
  • Single player campaign & Challenge maps
  • Rise of the East lore/story write up and much more

Hope you guys enjoy :D


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