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[WIP] MO Mad Monster in RA2/YR


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NOTE: This is the custom mission map that from MO (Mental Omega) and in it will change in RA2/YR style. And it's still WIP!!

It features some replacement of the areas and also the different style. The first thing is the start of the Allies, rather than MO, you don't have the reinforcements at start but you will get a lot of Engineers. The second thing is the Soviet (enemies) with lack of lot of firepower. The third one is the Monster Tank, they can be to hard to change the house due to the complex trigger coding. The final one is the Spy will replace with a Technician using C4 make more harder to deal with enemies. 

Im starting my own idea that try convert one of MO mission into RA2/YR map and finally the first MO map was convert. The terrains and the bridge is still remain (other are remove from the coding so im has going to redesign). The maps is not completely finished. The map is full of Soviet army and it will take a time to complete. The Monster Tank is the main problem, rules is okay but the trigger is . About the Spy in the South Village is replaces by Technician using C4.

I will end the word here... there is more thing to do


RA2/YR Style:



MO Style:




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