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RA Editor Not Working


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Hi Guys,


not sure if this is the right place to post, been looking for answers but feel my issue might be unusual. So I downloaded Red Alert from CNC Net recently and it ran perfectly. I was able to get all functions working pretty easily and only changed a couple compatibility things to run the game proper. I just have one issue. RA Editor worked fine to start with but has since not allowed me to load maps from the skirmish screen or while editor is open.


In fact, anytime I open it, it gives me "Access violation at address 004069C6. Read of address 00000000." I can use the normal terrain editor just fine, but once I've saved it to then open in Editor(or Scenario Editor/RA Editor), it isn't even findable to open scenario or it won't work from the skirmish screen.


This is highly irritating as I wanted to create some naval battle maps where I can force input some hostile naval units as the AI doesn't ever do this (unless there is something I can do to make the AI create naval bases and units?). I'm a long time fan of the game and haven't ever really put it down, always playing on the Playstation. Realised recently that you can get it as freeware so went ahead and did just that. Anyone know how to solve this issue?


Any other tips would be greatly appreciated as new to RA on the PC.

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