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NOD Strategies


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If you're vs GDI you can't lose. Problem is, after gaining a few wins from your starter rating you'll only encounter Nod.

General strategy is... Just spamming bikes. You want to end up with at least 3 refineries (extra harvies are not needed because of the slow unloading process of the harvies, extra without a ref will not be efficient).

When you feel like you're done playing Sim City, sell your mcv and queue 99 bikes.

Vs another Nod you want to throw in some buggies, maybe 1/3 ratio to the bikes, few minigunners in the horde you'll use to unga bunga your foe. Flamers also destroy bikes fast but are very vulnerable to buggies.

If you're vs. GDI you can do 2x helipads after your hand->ref and just automatically win on the spot (2 helis easily kill a p.plant plus force GDI to waste money on either rockets or orca)

If GDI does rockets vs helis, depending on how many he built you can create a single artillery.  For example 5 rockets can start to become troublesome since they can 2shot one apache, but thats 1500 money. Countered by a 450 asset. If he is creating them one by one while you're attacking p.plant, you can just micro one apache to kill them as they come out of the barracks to make him waste a lot of money.

If GDI attempts to counter apaches with orca, you just hide the apaches until you get first few bikes out and then it ends up with Mr. GDI auto losing because he blew 1500 in to an asset that gets countered by usual playstyle of Nod.

Only quickmatch maps where GDI has a chance of beating you are any chokepoint maps where they can harvest safely. That is, none.

If game does manage to stretch vs. GDI the odds will be heavily in GDI favour but you will most likely lead in eco since your harvester harass is so much better. And vs GDI it's never too late to pull out the apaches. Opens the possibility of transport chopper+engi too if you are desperate (capture war factory or ref with unloading harvester as first priority). But if you have to resort to engineering a GDI then you should probably consider some other, even more simpler video game such as Super Mario or Wii Sports.

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