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C&C Tiberium Renegade Unreal Engine 4 Game 2020


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C&C Tiberium Renegade New Unreal Engine 4 Game 2020


Official Website: https://shadowstargames.wixsite.com/tiberiumrenegade


C&C Tiberium Renegade is a third person shooter based on command and conquer GDI & NOD, there is a skirmish mode and the main objective is to destroy all enemy buildings C&C style to win!

It will be free to download and play when developed fully

this is a work in progress ue4 project


Game Development By ShadowStar Games UE4

Assets are from open source renegade x stand alone game ue3

Big thanks to RenX for open source dev kit assets to allow development on UE4




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