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Slow Yuri's revenage Skrimish game


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I have a persisting issue when playing CnCnet Yuri skrimish offline (AI only). The game starts okay fast, then middle of the game it starts to slow to the point of being unplayable.

At the begining I thought because I am using a docket and dual screen. So I disconnected everything and played with one screen only connecting through digital HDMI port. But no luck. Then I read online and they said because of the rendering, I choose every single render but it either become slower from the start, or it prevents me from using the "Esc" button then slows later on.

I played the missions and skrimish from the origin, and they both worked flawlessly (except the alt+tab issue).

I tried every render I could found on CnCNet and other renders I found onlines. Again no luck.

Anyone has an idea what to do at this point? Thinking of quiting the game if did not find a solution to be honest.


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