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please help, getting an error with final alert 2 when I try to open some .map files for editing

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so guys I'm a huge fan of red alert game, i already have downloaded lots of maps, one of those are survival maps made by Dctanxman for yuri's revenge got them from this link: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/7223-survival-maps-by-dctanxman-for-yuris-revenge/

they are very awesome and very challenging, but the ones I have tried them are very impossible due to short prepare time, one of those maps i have uploaded it here, it is solo survival against the waves

therefore i downloaded final alert 2 so i can edit the time the enemy waves start spawning for my personal preference or probably edit the terrain...

the thing is when i try to open the map with final alert 2 i get this error: "fatal error! final alert 2: yuri's revenge(tm) doesn't support the theater if this map!" after that the software exits...

this happens with Dctanxman's maps at least to every map i have tried to open...

even though i have opened with finalalert 2 other maps with .map extension from other sources and they worked fine...

please if anyone can help me out i would really appreciate it


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