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Problem with downloading map I made.


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So I created a map that I think is really cool and I am trying to play it on cncnet.com to test it out and make changes here and there but I cant seem to play a game on it. The map works just fine for skirmish but when I host a game and choose this map I created, it wont allow other players to download the map. When they try to download it cncnet crashes. I'm wondering why it is this way for the map I created, if I might be doing something wrong, if there is a step that I havent taken that could cause this. It's really important for me to figure out what caused this so that I can make other new maps and use them as well. Plus i put a lot of time into the map and really want to be able to playtest it with actual people instead of just AI's. Thank you. My map is attached. 


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