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How to play mods using XCC Mod Launcher over CnCNet

Graion Dilach

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After yesterday night I had to do this over TeamViewer, I thought it's good if I write a tutorial about it. Especially since most Netters doesn't use XCC. ;)


1) Put CnCNet to the base game's folder and launch the base game unmodded. Check via the statistics that you can connect to the lobby.

2) After you made sure that you can connect to the lobby, quit game, start the mod via XCC.

3) When you arrive to the main menu, Alt-Tab to the OS and search out your base game's folder.

4) Order the files via last modification date and you should see that your game's folder has some new files (amount is depending on mod) with the same last modification date usually one minute earlier than your game's config ini (SUN.INI/RA2(MD).INI) Copy these files into a separate folder.

5) Go back to your game and quit.

6) You should see that the files you copied into the other folder are now missing from the base game's folder.*

7) Copy back the files from the place you copied to at step 4.

8) Launch CnCNet as usual. Keep in mind that as long as you have the backupped files in the folder you are playing the mod you activated at step 2.


*some mods actually ask if you want to disable them after the game, saying No will save you from steps 2-5.


DO NOT launch the XCC launcher via CnCNet. That won't work.

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