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I'm looking for this multiplayer mission map

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Okay, I have searched the net for years. But I could not find it. I know it's out there, but I don't know where to get it sadly. So, here goes nothing.


The maps mission is to destroy the psychic amplifier if I'm correct. You start on the lower part, on a small island in a map that's full of Yuri's forces. There's 5 players in total. And you all start with your own troops. If I remember you do start with an MCV, but you can not use it, because they will get eaten by Terror Drones. One team starts with a Boomer, and there might also be some different naval forces. One also starts out with a Chrono Legionaire. Some teams started with Tanya, or a Sniper too which was pretty helpful. I always used to play this map by myself, and used the Chrono Legionaire to search for crates. One by one I used to get an army together, and being able to slowly crawl more and more in to the enemy base. Eventually you can overcome the base and destroy the psychic amplifier. But it takes a long time!

There's also some power plants to the right, which you can eventually kill to make the bases power go offline. Sometime the base don't really build, but sometimes it's harder, and the base does send troops to your units.


Is there anyone, who can help me get this map? It's a Yuri's Revenge map by the way (kinda obvious I guess, but okay)

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