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President ifv


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Why did westwood program this uber powerful ifv laser weapon when the president is inside it if you can't even normally obtain this in the game  because you cannot command the president.

All this did is enable online cheaters to use trainers and spawn controllable president and abuse this unfathomable powerful laser ifv 

I have played against the president ifv in the past and it is almost impossible to win, why did they put this is the game were they so goodminded and the thought that some people will abuse? Why president? Who came up with this weird idea to program a weapon for a vehicle when the president of the USA is inside it? What have they smoked?

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Multiple units were created that were not readily available through normal build channels.


CUSTOM MAPS allow you to build a president, chemical warrior, busses, aligators and more...  you can use those custom maps online without cheating...


I'm curious Which trainer you were using - what OS also... as my old trainers only work on XP - not 7 and not 10...


So I'll use those custom maps at times.. or load up my old XP system once in a while... lol


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