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Need someone very experienced with EIP's.


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I can test map for 20 hours. No issues. Once I play online, only 1/4 people can randomly disconnect during 'certain' waves. I have found the EIP description on ModEnc, tried to fix but with no avail. Dragging all the custom units with their respective weapons/warheads and projectiles into a custom map to attempt to recreate the issue has had no success.


When that one person 'crashes' he appears to disconnect from the game. Seems to be the same person when we play again and the position that they choose does not impact them crashing or not.


Tagged along is a copy of my Except.txt and a copy of my map file. I'm going to lose my mind trying to fix this as I have tried everything that I know of. 

Poser2.zip EXCEPT_CNCNET.zip

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