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I am looking for specific fan missions


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Hey guys, im looking for a couple of specific fan made missions, maybe some of you know them:

One of them was a huuuuge map where you start off with a couple of units and have to destroy something to enable you to get an MCV and then build up a base quickly and try to destroy yuri (and maybe also soviets). The kicker? Yuris base is invisible and his forces come non-stop at you.

The other one was where you start off as yuri but you dont have a full base. You have to defend your base with units you can build but you dont have an mcv. survive and then later on you get an mcv south of the base, cut off by a river. Build up a base and then take out the enemy.


I already know the flyingZ page and I got a huge missionpack from somewhere else but these two (and some more) are missing and I forgot where I got them a year ago!

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