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new ask for next update


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I am a yuri player and play regularly online:-


Is it possible to have the following in the next upgrade:-

1) Automatically ally players based on map position.   there are 8 position max and up to 4 teams in a given map  before the game start, the host can assign location 1,2 TEAM A -  location 3,4 -  TEAM B location 5,6 - TEAM C . Once the game starts, the 3 team are auto allied.

2)  Cheat Map. There are some maps that give you unlimited money or have hidden trick.  However, all the maps have a common name but no unique number when we select the map. So, I want to see a unique id for the map so that i can tell if it is a cheat map or not.  right now, the map name REKOOOL but there are about 20 of them having the same name but i cannot tell which one is cheat or not.  If there is a unique number, we can avoid these maps.

Keep the great work to keep the community alive after 20 years. :)

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1) Auto Ally feature was actually JUST released with version 8.9. To access it, there's a little button in the top left corner of the area where players select their sides/teams/colors/etc... Click on that and you can set up auto allying EXACTLY as you described it :)

2) This would be doable in cases where the same exact name is used for two or more maps. I'll see what I can do about making it work and not be confusing.

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Can i have another ask ? :) 

There is a bug in the system. When you lose power in certain position in some map, there is a reconnection error.   When player in position 1 lose power in rekool map, there is sometimes reconnection error.  Can it be fixed?


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Unfortunately, there is little to nothing that can be done for reconn errors in most cases. Often times, they are due to issues with the map itself, some sort of "sync" issues between player executables (due to lag or otherwise) or the game executable itself, something we have no real ability to change/fix.


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