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Red Alert 2 "Blitz" mod! (Fast & Fun Games)


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Hey guys! Just wanted to share a new mod I've been working on called "Blitz". It's focused on creating spectator-friendly, fast-paced, exciting games.

All maps fit on single 2k screen.

No ore, build oil for money.

All Allied get all Allied bonuses (minus France).

All Sov get all Sov bonuses. Yuri deploys as Sov.

10min game timer.

No engineering enemy buildings.

I'm going to be running some pro tournaments with a new map each month with cash prizes, don't miss out on the action!

Discord (Schedules & Questions & Map downloads):

Twitch (Watch live for free!):

Check out this match from last week! Number one player in the world "Wudi" takes on Zhas for $40.


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