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Reconnection error


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Hi everyone,

We are a bunch of ±35 year olds, trying to relive our glory days.

But just as in our glory days the dreaded "Reconnection Error" ruins about 70% of game nights.

We had a new burst of hope with the browser based versions, one online server + same install (webbased) should keep things synchronized.

Since as far as i can tell it's a synchronisation error (computer A lags behind gamestate of computer B, causing the error).

We tried "Chrono divide" last night, but broke the laggy game (on both servers) even faster than regular LAN getting the more original: "Grats. You broke it.'' error.


In the good old days we played with desktop pentium 2/3's, then 4's then dual cores; all in various grades of performance (RAM/GPU/CPU).

Now in order to not have 6 or more desktops+monitors+cable spaghetti and a complete room dedicated to RA2 LAN (and HL1 and Unreal 2004 btw), we switched to bring each our own laptop; again of various performance.


Anyways, i've been reading about the problem and apparently the game gets "saved" in a sync file which loops over after 6 uses.

Since cheating isn't an issue (we are simply not into computers enough) isn't it possible to just pick a random gamestate from any of the involved computers and continue on that one ?  If so, how ?

I am even willing to pay 50 euro or something (and our eternal gratitude) for your trouble if you are able to patch / circumvent this problem just for a LAN game (or online if that's easier).



We already have to following rules (because some is linked with reconn);

-No gap generators

-Original RA2 maps (I made various maps of NL and even "Hoeksche Waard" where we live using the final alert map editor + bitmap import from google earth screenshot, but the reconn error seems to be just as frequent as the original maps to be honest...)

-No "flying gayness"; aka rocketeers (we consider them overpowered and annoyingly fast; can't even fetch a new beer without finding a demolished base)

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