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In-Game Audio Database & Transcript


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Hello, I have painstakingly been making a spreadsheet for all spoken (and ambient) sound in the RA2 and YR, because I was unable to find anything like it elsewhere.

Here is a link to the spreadsheet and included audio files from the game: Google Drive Link. I have also added it to the Wiki Fandom page, let's see if the mods there will think it's a good idea; I didn't have much luck last time I edited the MLP wiki.

There are things that could be better, and I encourage this thread to be a discussion and modification, so far the link is comment only, but I can grant editorial rights to anyone who'd like to make big changes and make it better.

The reason I did this, was last year I figured I'd want to make a TikTok style video just using lines from the game or something similar, this was before TikTok, but I never got around to do it. I'm actually not that keen on it anymore, but I had a basic script which I have attached for the lols. Maybe something sparks your interest?

RA2 Script.docx

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