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XP-era patches for an offline computer


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Hey folks, having difficulty with waveclass errors and low framerate, two things I don't think I ever had issues with when I initially played Tiberian Sun. Trying to get fixes, but most threads and fixes have been updated for Windows 7+. Info below:

  • Comp Specs: Pentium 4 3.2Ghz HT, 1GB ram, ATI Radeon x1300. For comparison, it runs Doom 3 very well and should run TS with no hiccups.
  • Game: Self-made ISO of C&C FD, patched with 103rev4 of the unofficial patch from CNCZ. No specific mention of error patches, but considering these were so common I was hoping they'd be in there.

Things I tried today after losing about 1 hour of the final GDI mission on a repeating-laser waveclass error:

  • Fresh ddraw.dll downloaded from github. Essentially forced the game into low/software mode (maybe suited for a directx version that my card doesn't support?).
  • TSPatch.exe encountered two errors upon loading, I attempted the install anyway, and it required an internet connection, which I don't have (for obvious security reasons, xp not being supported or patched anymore). I am aware both patches I was attempting to load aren't compatible, however if I need net access to pull files, it doesn't matter anyway.

So the heart of the issue is, I have a legacy install, and all patches are (thankfully for most) optimized at this point for newer machines.

What would you do to fix a fresh, oldschool install of TS/TFD on XP? Sick of really odd slowdowns and losing hours of my life. Thanks all!


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